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Lead Ingot Casting Machine is a semi-automatic machine normally uses in lead smelting plant for Lead Ingots formation through a continuous operation. During the casting process a pouring drum pour out the molten Lead on the casting moulds to shape it in the form of Ingots (22-25 Kgs). A water spray line for sprinkling the water from top side to turn down the temperature of ingots normally provides along with this machine.

Lead Ingot Casting Machine
Lead Ingot Casting Machine

Operating Principle

This machine is a combination of chain conveyor mechanism wherein casting mould normally fits on the chain. After completing process of refining / alloying, molten Lead normally pumps out / tap out at regulated pouring speed and it can be varied as per the requirement through VFD drive. Capacity of the machine normally depends on number of casting moulds. These moulds synchronize with the chain grooves and drum pour out the molten Lead accordingly.

A series of water-cooling & force air-cooling are provided to solidify the ingot till it reaches at the exit. An automatic hammering is occurred at the exit point to release ingot out from the moulds and are further transferred to stacking area.

Model of Lead Ingot Casting Machine:

Company supplies two kinds of Ingot casting machines as per the land layout requirements.

1) Horizontal type along with Lead pump.
2) Inclined type without Lead pump.


  • Fast in operation
  • Less fuel consumption
  • Less manpower
  • Compatable high and low temperature
  • Long life span of moulds
  • Industrial robust and flexible design
  • Internationally proven design

Lead Ingot Casting Machine Specifications: Item Specification
1 Capacity 10 tons per hour
2 Ingot weight 23-25 kg
3 Running speed 1m/min
4 Motor 0.75 kW
5 Water Cooling Pump 1.5 kW
6 Total Load 2.5 kW
7 Length of chain conveyor 2.5 mts
8 Manpower Required 2

Lead Ingot Casting Machine