Secondary lead production (much of the secondary lead comes from lead batteries with the remainder coming from other sources such as lead pipe and sheet) has been adopted by most of the countries around the globe in view of the conservation of natural resources and environmental concerns. Transmech India over the years has developed core competency in the recycling of Lead to give the best value to our customers.

Transmech India has a well-established project engineering division, which has been founded on the experience gained in the execution of projects related to leading recycling processes at various locations.

Specifically, the core competencies of this project engineering group can be summarised as follows :

  • Study, design and supervise for manufacture of all the equipment for environment protection in accordance with the strictest emission standards
  • Design and supervise for manufacture of equipment for hydro-separation of battery components.
  • Design and supervise for manufacture of smelting and refining equipment like rotary furnaces upto 5 m3 capacity , rotary kilns upto 5t/hr capacity, and kettles in wide range from 25t to 100t capacity with components like stirrers, skimmers, pumping devices, automatic temperature control and hooding system for process fumes
  • Design and supervise for manufacture of metal casting machines from 5t/hr to 60 t/hr with manual and automatic system for stacking, weighing etc
  • Design and supervise for manufacture of slag handling equipment
  • Design and supervise for manufacture of equipment for aluminium recycling like stationery furnaces, ingot casting machines, billet casting machines and hot and cold rolling machines
  • Design of plc based control mechanism & equipment

The turnkey solutions consultancy services will cover the following:

  • Providing all technical documents for equipment, material with part lists, weights, material specifications, sourcing details for the project.
  • Evaluation of technical offers for equipment, material during procurement.
  • Inspection of equipment/ material during manufacture and before Dispatch, assuring quality and performance including witnessing of acceptance tests and review of test certificates.
  • Supervision of erection & commissioning at site including providing pre- commissioning and commissioning procedure and sequence, establishing production and quality control procedures.

The turnkey solution services will be for all the equipment, material and required for the lead recycling project as follows:

  • Battery breaking & separation unit (BHS) system complete with electricals and automation
  • Effluent treatment system for acidic effluent and waste water.
  • Rotary furnaces system including complete automation with plc controlled and scada system
  • Ladle pre- heating station with electrical control cabinet
  • Kettles including electrical control system and piping.
  • Ingot casting machines with accessories
  • Apcm/gas scrubbing system for rotary & BHS
  • Apcm system for rotary furnaces
  • Apcm system for kettles (combustion and hygiene)